The Beginning:

November 22nd 2016.
That was the day I became a Mom.

I didn’t birth her and she doesn’t share my name.
But she is mine.


Her name is Lacy.

Her mom is unfortunately going through some hard times and finding herself unable to care for a small human by herself in a sober and safe state is harder than it looks.
So, this is where I step in.

My cousins boyfriend of 5 years had left her and she was getting evicted from her apartment.
She had no money. No food. And a 3-year old to feed.
We got her a hotel, a friend and her mother graciously brought her a bag of food, and another friend traveled to make sure she got on the train headed back to us.

This was a difficult thing to do.
My cousin legit left and forgot all about us. She got hooked on everything bad and never looked back. We one time had to travel to her and find her walking down a street in order to see if she was still alive.
She found it easy to forget everything she had known about her family and start a “better life” for herself with a boy who couldn’t keep a job for more than a month.
With a boy who preferred she worked so he wouldn’t have to.
With a boy who left her and their child with nothing. Who had the audacity to take their EBT card. Couldn’t even make sure his daughter had food to eat while he ran away like a bitch.

And now here she is asking for help.
After 5 years of nothing she wants something.
Isn’t that always the way?

So my cousin agrees to get some help. Fix her life. Create something better for herself that what she’s deemed herself worthy of.
She goes away for a month and I agree to take over custody of Lacy.
It’s been a wild ride so far.

Let me tell you all about it…


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