My name is Ashley and i’m from a small town in the Midwest.
I’m 27, single, still in college because I wanna see how many thick pieces of paper I can hang on my wall, and have found myself in the clutches of motherhood unexpectedly.
I like long walks on the beach and vodka.

I’ve always had a passion for writing, making people laugh, and telling stories that are mostly inappropriate, but sometimes heartfelt. So when I gained custody of Lacy, I figured there was no better time to write down our experiences than now.
(I also got really sick of people asking where I got this kid….as if I just picked her up in the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart!)
Her story, as well as mine, seems like a good one to share with those who are willing to read it.

I only hope that my daily life as a newly single Mom is entertaining to you.
I hope that when I am screaming into my pillow from frustration at the end of the day, you read about it and a laugh escapes your lips because you can relate.
I hope that my words make you hug your little ones closer, pray a little harder, and appreciate the struggle. #fistbump
And, of course, I hope you can learn to appreciate a nice glass of vodka at the end of everyday just like I do.